Tuesday, May 13, 2008

WoC 471

Again this is inspired by Radio Ones Big Weekend this gag was inspired by my daughter and myself watching the various DJ's doing their sets. Fatboy Slim being one of them. It struck me that they really don't do much. I could be wrong.
This isn't in the new book 300 of the Best Cow Jokes Ever! The Woc gag will of course make Vol 3 of the World of Cow comic, which will be out soon. This cow design is now a Birthday card at my Online shop. :-) There are now World of Cow Mugs, tee shirts and steins up to. Completely original and unique. Have a look at what's on offer. You can't get this material anywhere else. http://www.stikshop.co.uk/ and you can buy this toon at Cartoonstock

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