Monday, August 04, 2014

Dragon Steam Circus Graphic Novel project

 Kickstarter link
I am launching a KickStarter campaign to hire a professional comic manga artist to turn my novel into a graphic novel. I need to raise £30,000 to pay the person. Click here to find out more or donate as little as a £1.

Here's the backstory.

I am a professional illustrator of 27 years standing. I write a lot of my own material and had an idea of a teen fiction book based in a universe where Atlantis survives and the technology permeates through world society. I wanted to create this huge Manga world where it's crazy funny and scary. We have vast robot animals in the story, huge scale fights in the middle of magical Copperium mines and I need a brilliant artist to pull it off. That's not me. I know my limitations. I plan to use pretty much all the money to employ an artist and launch in parts on Kindle. If this is successful branch out into hard copy and perhaps turn it into an anime film. This book is the first part of a massive series. An enormous world that can be explored in a range of mediums. So if you could help me launch this series you would be part of a legend. The book can be found at Kindle 

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