Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Robonauts Kickstarter Comic adventure series

 The Robonauts is a comic for 10-16 year old sci fi fans. I want to get children and young adults interested in good old fashion science fiction, so there's a 1950's vibe, a romantic vision of a dystopian future if you get me. It's fun, it's horror, it's action. This is part one. I have all the art completed for this I just need help with the printing costs.
I want to get 500 printed and sell them on my Etsy site. Hopefully if all goes well I can produce the next batch without your help. I figure this would make a fantastic animated series, so I'll be gunning for that possibility with your help in the future. It's all very exciting. Many thanks for your help and support.
I have all the artwork completed for this episode. All I need is the money to give to the printer to print me 500 copies. Once that is done we are on our way to glory ;-)
Here's a couple of digital pages for you to get a feel for the project.

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