Friday, June 20, 2008

WoC 501. Alternative Energy.

I've been thinking about the uses of alternative energy, and I was thinking of the best places we could employ, windturbines, solar cells and Geo-thermal heating systems. What we need are places that have a lot of land, have building budgets to buy the equipment and are empty almost half the year.
You know what I'm talking about don't you.
Most schools have large areas of land, so they could, if situated correctly have a small to moderate wind turbine, or have geo-thermal heating. That's where you dig a dirty great big hole, bury water pipes and pump up heated water. All schools have vast areas of roof space that could tollerate some solar panels.
Just think of the energy they could generate during the summer holidays!
I have contacted our local school, and the headmaster is seriously considering it.
So why not contact your local school? Think about the amount of tax payers money we could save in the long run if all our schools not only became carbon neutral, but also added power to the national grid!
Here's some links to Geo-thermal heating your local head might be interested in:
Heres some links to Wind turbines.
And solar power
Tell your head that School can get 50% grants for installing renewables. Also Parish councils would help finance these sorts of technologies.
If you can, get in touch with your local school and find out if they are interested. This could be a great way to reduce the worlds CO2 stain.
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