Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flies Like Us 2009 Calendar Competition!

As I've generated so much material in the last 2 years with World of Cow, other characters have evolved from the cartoon slime. One being the flies. I thought it only right that they should have their own calendar for 2009. These can be bought at my cafepress site or my Lulu Store.
To celebrate this I'm giving away a Flies Like Us calendar. All you need to do is supply me with the answer to this question.
What flying insect make the resident flies "look good" in WoC 613? Is it...
A) A dragonfly?
B) A Butterfly?
C) A Daddy Longlegs(Crane Fly)
Answers to . I do need your address to send the calendar to. Best of Luck. Winner to be announced on the 28th November. That's Friday.

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