Thursday, November 13, 2008

WoC 611.600th World of Cow Calendar Competition!

To celebrate the 600th World of Cow cartoon, I'm giving away the latest calendar of World of Cow 2009. These can be bought at stik's Lulu store front here. There's also Cafepress versions that are cheaper at StiK's Shop. Simply answer this question and email the answer to
In WoC 606 what film had the farmer let the cows watch? Was it...
a) Exorcist?
b)Free Willy?
c)King Kong?

Email me with the answer, name and address and they will go into a draw. Winners to be announced next Monday 17th November.
I'm trying to get World of Cow into local newspapers around the world. If you want WoC in your local newspaper. Get in contact with them and give them this blog addy.
Thanks for your support.
I've set up a World of Cow group on Facebook, so if you want to join search for World of Cow or go
here. It'd be lovely to see you there.
This WoC joke is not in the new book
World of Cow Comic.Vol3. There are now World of Cow Mugs, tee shirts and steins for sale. Completely original and unique. Have a look at what's on offer. You can't get this material anywhere else. and buy this toon at Cartoonstock

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