Sunday, March 26, 2006

Arguments for humanity.

I've had my fair share of arguments with people. Family being the worse kind. But thinking about the process I wonder if it serves some greater purpose and guess what?...I think it does.

If you get on with your folks you tend to stick around and you know, be nice to each other. Yiu-EK!

But when you have a real falling out, you get out of town. Move as far away as you feel it necessary. Forcing you to meet new people that aren't genetically similar to you. So when you do settle down and have children they don't get born with fish-heads or are ginger. The human race benefits.

The British invaded the rest of the world because we couldn't stand being so close to the French... The pilgrim fathers high tailed it out of England because they were hated by the church...Captain Kirk couldn't stand the sight of his smug and evil sister-in-law. If we didn't hate the people we are supposed to love we'd have no colonizers.... Well we would...Ok we'd have fewer colonizers and Star Trek wouldn't have existed. Well, it would have been called Kitchen Trek, or something....

So do humanity a favour, call your dad a twat and run for cover....

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