Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Thanks Yoda.

Good advice, wherever it comes from is welcome I find and I've got some interesting words of wisdom from films.
When I was growing up, people were up in arms about video nasties and how they were turning the younger generation into a bunch of violent, irresponsible hooligans. I think people conviently forgot the fact that we have had violence in our history pre-television and film. I have to admit, films have been a bad influence on me. THEM! turned me into a ant killing machine. I figured I better get them, before they mutate into 50 foot beasts and get me. I'm sure if sharks roamed around my council estate I would have been after them after watching Jaws...not with much success, as I was only armed with a magnifying glass and rubber band with a knot in it, but the intent would have been there non-the-less.
Anyhow I have 2 pieces of advice I have used throughout my life, gleaned from films that have seen me in good stead for the last 25 years of my life. Yoda says to Luke, that he is always looking to the future, to the horizon. Never concentrating on where he is...what he is doing. Which I thought was great advice. I used to have so many plans, be a bit of a dreamer, forgetting to knuckle down and get on with it.
The second piece of advice, well tip really is just as mind blowing. And it is this "Righty tighty...Lefty Loosie" from Fandango. Saved me hours of grunting and groaning, so it has.

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